Monday, October 20, 2014

New book by Arturo Tedeschi: "AAD Algorithms-Aided Design | Parametric Strategies using Grasshopper®"

The book "Algorithms-Aided Design", written by Arturo Tedeschi, presents design methods based on the use of Grasshopper®, a visual algorithm editor tightly integrated with Rhinoceros®, the 3D modeling software by McNeel & Associates allowing users to explore accurate free-form shapes. The book provides computational techniques to develop and control complex geometries, covering parametric modeling, digital fabrication techniques, form-finding strategies, environmental analysis and structural optimization. It also features case studies and contributions by researchers and designers from world’s most influential universities and leading architecture firms.

Main topics: Grasshopper environment and plug-in software; Parametric modeling and advanced data management; NURBS curves and surfaces; Meshes and Subdivision Surfaces; Digital fabrication techniques; Recursions; Form-finding strategies; Particle-spring systems; Topology Optimization; Evolutionary solvers; Environment-informed design.

Available in English.

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