Monday, October 20, 2014

DATA MATTER | environmental aerial robotics workshop - 24-28 November 2014, Frosinone (Italy)

Noumena and Flone, in collaboration with Fab Lab Frosinone and GREEN FAB LAB, present DATA MATTER | environmental aerial robotics workshop.

The course will take place in Frosinone (Italy) and will be related to the fields of aerial robotics and data visualization. It will propose a theoretical and experimental framework to develop a database on the area around Valle del Sacco, translating data into visual outputs from the different levels of environmental conditions. The course is inspired by the investigation developed along the Sacco river by 
Carlo Ruggieropublished on the book Cattive Acqueand the experimental research ran by Michela Ruggiero, cofounder of Fab Lab Frosinone.

During the workshop, you will have first-hand experience with aerial robotics, mapping, and data visualization. The course will focus on several different stages, generating a dynamic and innovative workflow. The main tool of the course will be Flone, a popular open source drone developed in Spain and already presented in several international events and exhibitions, such as Fab10 and MakerFaire.

Flone is a co-operative project which explores and envisions several applications and translates a basic drone into a multidisciplinary and professional tool. Flone has already been engaged in the field of art and technology, investigating social and professional practices, focusing on topography, energy performance certificates for buildings, environmental strategies of forestation, human rights and aerial photography.

During the workshop, you will develop digital fabrication, electronics programming, and data management skills. Starting from scratch, you will learn the whole assembly process of the drone, from laser cutting frame structure to the installation of motors and drivers, followed by coding the electronic boards and fly experience. You will be able to fly and control the drone by your Android Smartphone with an application developed by Flone.

On site, along the Sacco river, you will use the drone and learn strategies of data recollection, terrain mapping via smartphones, an infrared camera, and other environmental sensors installed on the drone.

In the final stage of the course, you will adopt computational techniques, learning how to organize and visualize data, generate a 3D environment, elaborate informative maps as resourceful environmental information documents for the recovery of the Sacco river and its natural and social context.

The workshop fee includes the ownership of the drone built during the event, once the course is over.

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