Thursday, October 23, 2014

Rhino in a botanical garden

Another fan is raving about Rhino's capacity to model complex shapes. This one is in Ketchum, Idaho.

The collaboration for the Ellen Long Garden Pavilion at the Sawtooth Botanical Gardens started with the architect, Jolyon Sawrey. Sawrey drew up the pavilion roof for size, height, basic shape, and other features like electrical and site placement.  To figure out the roof parts he then contacted Bill Amaya of Cimarron Lofting. Amaya took the architectural drawings and, using Rhino to completely model the roof, detailed the parts, changing the shape only as needed. He then "pulled" rafters, metal skin, header ring, and the top compression ring off the drawing and sent them to the metal fabricator to bend and laser cut. The metal fabricator, David Swaner, of D-Swaner Welding, then assembled, delivered, and installed the roof parts.

For Cimarron Lofting, the key was to figure out the placement and shape of the rafters. Amaya commented, "I would not know how to do it without Rhino. It was just a shape and a problem that does not lend itself to mathematical insight."

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