Thursday, July 4, 2013

Paresite: The Environmental Summer Pavilion

Environmental Summer Pavilion for reSITE

The Paresite – The Environmental Pavilion is a mobius shaped triangular structure build from torsed pine wood planks with half cm thin pine wood triangular sheets that provide a shadow and evaporate moisture in dry weather. The sheets, cut in the tangential section, interact with the humidity by warping themselves, allowing air circulation for the evaporation in arid conditions.

The design was accomplished in Grasshopper for Rhino in combination with Rhino and fabricated on Hundegger Speed-Cut 3 and HOMAG Venture 06S 3-axis milling machine. Few pieces had to be produced in hand as the machine doesn't accept such shallow angles.

The project was held in cooperation of the Architectural Institute in Prague (ARCHIP) and the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Sciences at the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague (FLD CZU) and the reSITE Festival. The goal was, together with the students from the mentioned schools, to design and build a pavilion from a massive pine wood that deals with its material properties and reacts to the environment. The design was ready within half term lasting studio course and completed in June 2013 on Karlovo Square in Prague.

The course to build this pavilion was led by Marie Davidova/Collaborative Collective, Martin Sichman/Oximoron and Martin Gsandtner. Photos by Rostislav Zapletal.

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