Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Iterative parametric tables for Studio 4D by Demiurge LLC

The interior design firm Studio 4D contacted Demiurge to design and produce a series of three tables inspired by boulders. Demiurge took the opportunity to show off our parametric design and production capabilities.

Demiurge began by working with Studio 4D to define a height and width for the tables, a bounding box within which each table would always fit. Using Grasshopper for Rhino, they programmed a simulation that altered a basic rectangular form by adding random facets at different points on the table. The design software was set to produce one table for every second the simulation was running, enabling as many iterations as were necessary to find visually appealing forms. The simulation was started and a series of well over 300 tables was generated to start with.

"Demiurge LLC has been a long time McNeel customer and recently upgraded to Rhino 5 - the products you produce are an integral part of our ability to produce high-quality projects on budget and on-schedule".

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