Friday, July 12, 2013

Primate: Leap Motion for Grasshopper

Primate is the first plugin to integrate Leap Motion with parametric design in Grasshopper.

The component library includes:
  • Component for counting fingers
  • Component for counting hands
  • Component for tracking a pointing finger
  • Component that tracks the direction of an extended hand
  • Component that tracks a palm and the vector normal to a palm
  • Component that mimics the sphere described by a cupped hand
Each component pulls in a slightly different piece of data from the movement of your hands in realtime. The direction of the fingers and palm, as points and vectors and even spherical or other 3-dimensional data become parameters in Grasshopper.  These components give you the power to feed this data into geometric algorithms for your own programming or design.


Anonymous said...

...and I just spent $9,000 for a Freeform haptic pen since this concept so far lacks an additional element of feedback that doesn't necessarily need to be a force. But the haptic pressure feedback as often just *fights* what I want to do instead of helps and at times feels like more of a boutique feature rather than something essential. It's not as claimed that it emulates working with clay by hand as if you can really feel the model and that's because it's a mere tipped stylus that only has feedback in XYZ but no rotational resistance as you angle any shaped stylus tool tip around or rotate it. And all that haptic work slows the interface way down even with the best PC upgrades money will buy. Save me, Rhino!

Thri Kreen said...

What a great framework! I was having the same sort of vision upon seeing the Leap for the first time. Good on you for taking action! I'd love to give it a try..