Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Structural Geometry workshop – Salerno, Italy

Structural Geometry
Digital | Physical | Resilient
June 26-30, 2013 Salerno, Italy

This workshop aims to promote a better integrated architectural/engineering design paradigm, where spatial and formal exploration is informed since its early stage of development by the analysis of building performances, both structural and environmental.

The workshop, held within the context of the international events NEWITALIANBLOOD ARCTEC, is open to architects, engineers, designers, both professionals and students.

The workshop focuses on shape and geometric optimization of structures, such as shells and grid-shells which will be designed incorporating fabrication constraints. Digital models will be validated through prototypes built using 3D printed components, plastic tubes and cable ties and combination of them. Prototypes of selected designs developed over the workshop will be included in the main public exhibition of the international events NEWITALIANBLOOD ARCTEC, which will be held in Salerno, Pontecagnano, Ravello and Cava dei Tirreni in May/June 2013.

Workshop runners : Gennaro Senatore | Daniel Piker

The base CAD software is Rhino 5 and Grasshopper.

The workshop will be held in Italian and English.

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