Sunday, April 14, 2013

Helping kids with motor deficits - Utalca, Chile

The objective is to create a space for conducting multimodal training activities especially touch, proprioceptive and vestibular. The configuration of the surface should allow kids to perform activities graded from simple movements to complex sequences of movements requiring the action of the whole body; satisfying a need and providing a space for recreation, play, and development of the locomotor system and sensory integration.

Based on sections, which generate peaks and depressions, Francisco Javier Lara Bastidas, an architectural student from Universidad de Talca in Chile, constructed a three-dimensional field called "Manto Topográfico" (Topographic Mantle). He was able to develop his project thanks to Rhino and Grasshopper which where used to model, measure, classify, optimize and organize the materials, so he could deliver his digital parametric designed structure.

For more details (in Spanish), please click here.

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