Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Rhino and Grasshopper training in Bucharest


The Rhinoceros and Grasshopper courses aim to provide young architects and designers with the opportunity to complement their skills and knowledge in digital three-dimensional modeling.
This series of courses is designed to provide tailored learning modules for each level. The courses are divided into four modules of 24 hours each. The beginner modules represent an introduction for the Rhino modeling environment and Grasshopper parametric design. The advanced ones are aiming to extend the modeling techniques and visual programming skills already acquired. Courses will be structured to provide both theoretical foundations behind a precise and efficient modeling, and practical exercises.
By covering the full range of courses, architects and designers without prior knowledge about Rhino modeling environment, will acquire three-dimensional modeling and parametric design skills with application in the professional practice.
The course series consists of two parts, one dedicated to beginners and one for the advanced. At the end of each part, there will be a workshop organized for those who would have graduated from each part’s Grasshopper module. These workshops will apply knowledge gained from courses and will be geared towards hands-on experience in 3D modeling and digital fabrication of designed objects. The results of the workshops will be exhibited in Bucharest Architecture Annual.
Module 01 / Rhinoceros beginners (24 h)
April 5-20, 2013
Fri: 16-20  -  Sat: 10-14

Module 02 / Grasshopper  beginners (24 h)
May 10–25, 2013
Fri: 16-20  -  Sat: 10-14

Module 02 Workshop
June 14-16, 2013
All day: 10 - 18

Module 03 / Rhinoceros intermediate & advanced (24 h)
Sept 6–21, 2013
Fri: 16-20  -  Sat: 10-14

Module 04 / Grasshopper intermediate & advanced (24 h)
Oct 4–19, 2013
Fri: 16-20  -  Sat: 10-14

Module 04 Workshop
Nov 1-3, 2013
All day: 10 – 18

Language:  Romanian
Organized by:  OAR Bucureşti – Romanian Order of Architects, Bucharest Branch
Trainers: Ionuț Anton, idz arhitectura  (ART-Authorised Rhino Trainer)
Daniela Tănase, idz arhitectura  (ART-Authorised Rhino Trainer)

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