Friday, October 26, 2012

Rhino 5 in Medellín


Join the presentation on Rhino 5, Grasshopper, and RhinoCAM 2012. Andres Gonzalez, worldwide manager for RhinoFabLab, will be visiting Medellín, Colombia, to talk about generative design and digital fabrication.

Date/Time: Monday, October 29, 5-8 pm

Centro Cultural Empresarial Panamericana Piso 2 
Cra. 43 A No. 6 sur - 150 El Poblado

Free entrance. To register, please contact: Andres Franco T(4) 412 3015


Anonymous said...

When is rhino v5 finally released as full version?!? Any hints on the date?

Anonymous said...

I heard it will be as soon as Nov 2014, all going to plan.

Antti Lindström said...

It's out. Just contact your local dealer. 64-bit support, shelling and all the rest of the improvements... Yay!