Friday, October 5, 2012

RhinoBIM Beta 3.8.49 available

RhinoBIM is a suite of several plugins to enhance Rhino 5 for the architectural, engineering, and construction industries. Developed by Virtual Build Technologies LLC, the first module now available is called RhinoBIM Structure, for 3D structure modeling, Clash & Clear Analysis, and Structural Analysis.

Using Rhino 5’s new light extrusion technology, RhinoBIM Structure builds 3D structural design elements that are much lighter in data weight significantly decreasing model size.

With the light database, the Clash & Clear analysis finds errors within seconds. There is no need to export the model to another program to perform the analysis.

RhinoBIM structure features:
• RhinoBIM components are compatible with Grasshopper
• Robust tools for adding and editing structural steel beams
• Extensive library of steel shapes, including international standards
• User definable steel shapes
• Assign materials, attributes, and process treatments to each element
• Data extraction through translators for CIS2, IFC, and Beam to NURBS
• Very fast Clash & Clear analysis
• Bim Reporter to excel of objects
• Very large model support using new Rhino 5 technology

Additional structural analysis features:
• Automatic meshing
• Beam shell and solids
• Commercial and freeware solver options, including Lisa, ANSYS, GSA

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