Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Workshop: Facade Design & Fabrication

Workshop: Facade Design & Fabrication
London, 10-14 December 2012

The RoboFold Facade Design & Fabrication workshop is a five-day intensive workshop, exploring new facade design software for the RoboFold metal forming process. The focus will be on parametric design for robotic manufacturing and culminates in 1:1 facade fabrication. The event will be held in London at the RoboFold factory from December 10th-14th.
  • See previous workshops here
  • Download the poster here.
  • Bring your own laptop running Windows 7. 
  • Please install Rhino 5 and Grasshopper before you arrive.
  • No previous experience with Grasshopper necessary.
  • Daily 9 am-5 pm. 

Tutors: Gregory Epps, RoboFold founder, Florent Michel and Lauren Vasey, RoboFold software developers

Location: Details

Registration dates:
3 October: Registration opens.
7 December: Registration closes.

Inquiries: workshop@robofold.com

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