Thursday, March 15, 2012

AA MakeLAB workshop

Hooke Park, Dorset
Monday 9 – Monday 16 April 2012

AA MakeLAB explores strategies for the design and implementation of digitally driven fabrication technologies in the context of Hooke Park’s forestry and workshop resources. It is organised in collaboration with the AA’s Digital Prototyping Lab.

The course will investigate a range of design and production methods, setting up customised digital work-flows that are informed by corresponding material systems and their technical and spatial potential. Experimentation will be conducted in small, workshop-led groups proposing innovative design-and-build methodologies using sensor-based generative design methods connected to customised fabrication hardware. Prototypical structures will be constructed using specific materials and sites available at Hooke Park. The workshop offers the unique opportunity to explore the application of highly experimental technologies towards the construction of architectural structures at 1:1.

Each team will be assisted by experts in particular software and hardware technologies, including Rhino and Processing based work-flows and Kinect, Arduino and CNC based sensors, micro-controllers and actuators. For participants without specific experience several working software and hardware solutions will be offered at the beginning of the course. Supporting technologies such as laser cutting and CNC machining will also be available.

The workshop program includes lectures, tutorials, and design reviews and will culminate in a final presentation with invited critics.

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