Thursday, March 15, 2012

Scan&Solve V1.5 free service release

This free service release  adds hydrostatic pressurea pressure exerted by fluid due to gravityto the arsenal of loads in Scan&Solve.   Just specify the loaded faces, fluid surface plane, and fluid density.  Scan&Solve does the rest.  As simple as that.   
Other  significant enhancements include:
·  Unicode reporting now supports templates in other languages
·  One-click importing of Scan&Solve material files (import button in material editor dialog) 
·  Visualization of out of plane stress components
·  Improved handling of unit changes
This service release also includes several minor bug fixes in numerical, visualization, and user interface subsystems of the software.   

Available to all licensed users and as an evaluation for new users. Download Version 1.5 service release of Scan&Solve™ here.

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