Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Orca3D New WIP 1.3

Orca3D Work-in-Progress Release 1.3 adds back in the Stability Criteria Evaluation that was removed from the 1.2.3 Release, and includes the beginning of a Longitudinal Strength analysis capability. The Stability Criteria Evaluation functionality is still undergoing some testing, and wasn't quite ready to be part of the 1.2.3 Release. Also, a new command, OrcaLongitudinalStrength, has been created to facilitate a simple beam bending model by computing shear force/bending moment using the existing Orca3D buoyancy and weight computation capabilities. This new command should be considered under development and currently has limited functionality. We plan to continue its development through future Orca3D WIP releases.

As with all Orca3D WIP releases, your feedback on the Stability Criteria Evaluation and Longitudinal Strength analysis is welcome. 

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