Thursday, February 16, 2012

EvoluteTools PRO workshop in London

Paneling and geometry optimization of freeform envelopes with EvoluteTools PRO

A compact, one day workshop.

When, where
26 (&27) of March 2012, SimplyRhinoTraining Classroom, London UK

Target audience
Professionals in the architectural and building industry

What participants can expect to learn in this workshop
Participants will be introduced to the principle of subdivision modeling and its generalization (combining different global and local subdivision rules). We will have an in-depth look at mesh optimization and how it can be applied for construction aware design of panelisations. Throughout the whole workshop EvoluteTools PRO 2.0 for Rhino will be used by the attendees for hands-on examples and exercises. Participants can bring their own designs (freeform surfaces) to be panelised.

EvoluteTools PRO is an advanced Rhino plug-in providing access to powerful paneling and geometry optimization tools for freeform surfaces with a user friendly interface. Participants will receive a 15-day evaluation license of EvoluteTools PRO to further explore its capabilities.

Workshop presenter
Arch. Florin Isvoranu, Evolute GmbH

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