Friday, February 3, 2012

Badger 1.0, the batch renderer for Rhino - Released!

Hi all!

We've just put the finishing touches to Badger—the batch renderer plugin for Rhino. You can download a trial version from here:

It's designed to work with all Rhino-compatible renderers, and it's great for setting up overnight render jobs without scripting using V-Ray or Maxwell—or one of the other plugins. There are lots of features.

Anyway, wander over and give it a try. At the very least, let us know what's missing!

The Badger development team

2 comments: said...

It's fantastic, easy and powerful.
If you need a batch rendering option this it's everything you need.
It worth all the 65Euros, I've already bought it.

Anonymous said...

unnecessarily complicated, can not save HDRI or EXR format and On top of commercial....why?
For RH4 exist simly batch render and free....I am waiting for this also for RH 5.....