Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Development of Innovative Construction Systems with Glued Laminated Timber and Glass

AIDIMA (Wood, Furniture and Packaging Technology Institute) is a non-profit making organization, active throughout Spain. AIDIMA provides innovative solutions for the Spanish forestry, wood, and furniture sector by researching and by transferring knowledge gained through their research efforts and experience.

With the collaboration of the architects Manuel García Barbero and Kiyanshid Hedjri (Klimark) and others in various fields, this Institute has been working in research projects related to timber structures and parametric architecture, such as “Development of Supporting Structures based on Technical Timber and Laminated Glass” and “Development of Innovative Construction Systems with Glued Laminated Timber and Glass”. The Coordinator and Technical Manager of these projects has been Miguel Ángel Abián, Head of the Wood Technology and Biotechnology Department at AIDIMA. He was awarded a Schweighofer Innovation Prize in 2009.

One of the aims of this project has been the development of an industrial and modular construction system for free forms with glued laminated timber and glass. To achieve this aim, software products such as Rhino for form-shaping and EvoluteTools for the tessellation of free forms have been used.

This research has been performed in the framework of the Project "Development of Mixed Construction Systems with Glued Laminated Timber and Glass for Light Roof Structures" ("Desarrollo de sistemas constructivos mixtos de madera laminada encolada y vidrio para estructuras ligeras de cubierta"), funded by IMPIVA (Valencian Institute of Small and Medium-Sized Industry) and co-funded by FEDER funds from the European Union.

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