Monday, July 25, 2011

workshop BRANCH POINT: INTERACTION on Strelka (Moscow)

workshop BRANCH POINT: Interaction on Strelka (Moscow)
August 11-18, 2011
Moscow – Russia
Red October’s [КРАСНЫЙ ОКТЯБРЬ] factory
Organized by: branchpoint [ТОЧКА ВЕТВЛЕНИЯ]

Interaction is an intensive, ten-day design workshop with the goal of researching the convention of digitally-driven design methods, interactivity and manufacturing technologies utilising workshop resources and Red October’s [КРАСНОГО ОКТЯБРЯ] factory, which is now in the most dynamic developing heart of Moscow. This building plot will become an interactive platform during the workshop, between citizens, landscape, architectural shapes, the building plot itself and its surroundings.

The main core of the Interaction workshop will be the development and implementation of innovative and experimental design-and-build strategies through site-specific spatial prototypes, prior to manufacturing the pavilion at a one-to-one scale. We will be using a large number of special 3D software and informational design tools including Grasshopper (Rhino), RhinoPython, Processing, vvvv. What we produce with this software will be adapted using CNC fabrication equipment, motor controllers, X-box Kinect cameras and sensor technologies.

Participants will work in four groups, each of 15 people. Each group will be led by two to four mentors with experience in the appropriate field:

  1. Dynamic Landscape / Gen/App || urban strategy and resources interaction | moderated by: Daniyar Yusupov (S.-Petersburg), Ekaterina Larina (S.-Petersburg), Aleksandra Boldyreva (Perm)
  2. Object || object in the urban landscape | moderated by: Maxim Malein(Moscow), Philipp Kats (Moscow), Milan Stamenkovich (Moskow)
  3. Skin / Fabrication || generative design structures driven by physical laws with future fabrication using experimental manufacturing techniques | moderated by: Dimitry Demin (Germany), Daniel Piker (UK)
  4. 4. Interactive || human-surface-inviroment interaction | moderated by: Vadim Smakhtin (Moscow), Eduard Haiman (Moscow), Giya Djahaya (Sochi)

  • Participation: Anyone, independent of their profession and qualifications, is welcome to apply. Participants in the different groups may need different skills and experience, and therefore the applicants will be chosen with reference to their portfolios.
  • Software requirements: Rhino, Grasshopper 0.8, VVVV (for INTERACTIVE cluster)

*working in Skin/Fabrication cluster requires basic english knowledge

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