Friday, July 8, 2011

Python for Rhino Primer - Now available

Skylar Tibbets, Arthur van der Harten, and Steve Baer have just published the Python for Rhino Primer. In it you will learn:
  • What the Python programming language is all about.
  • Why Python is the world's fastest growing scripting language
  • How to get started with Python for Rhino 5

Download the new Python for Rhino 101 Primer...

Also, join Skylar Tibbits for a 2 hour webinar introduction to Python for Rhino 5 on Friday, 22 July 2011 9-11 AM PDT. The cost is US$150. Only US$95 until 17 July 2011.

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Skylar is a lecturer at MIT's Department of Architecture, the Founder/Principal of SJET LLC and a 2011 TED Fellow.

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