Thursday, July 21, 2011

Inventor Supports Rhino

Autodesk Inventor 2012 imports native Rhino 3DM files.


Jonnie Godfrey said...

So does AutoCAD 2012, useful if you need Rhino solids with planar faces to go into AutoCAD as AutoCAD 3DSolids that can be edited in AutoCAD with solid edit tools (if you export from Rhino to DWG, the solids go into AutoCAD as solids composed of surfaces, rather than solids composed of Regions - they look fine and you can do booleans but can't move faces, etc or use dynamic UCS). I can get Rhino 4 .3DM imported, but not Rhino 5, and all the objects in the Rhino drawing end up as a single block, layering info is lost, as is colour info (sometimes). Still useful though.

scratch project said...

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Anonymous said...


Does AutoCAD Civil 2012 and other 2012 products support 3DM files?