Thursday, May 16, 2024

Industrial Design Rhino & Grasshopper Training by Cademy XYZ

Cademy LIVE workshops are great resources for industrial designers and students who want to learn industry practices for creating parametric textures and designs for manufacturing 3D models. Rhinoceros, Grasshopper, and texture workflows are essential parts of an industrial design professional's toolkit. On the other hand, computational design strategies for lattice 3D printing, machine learning, and data-driven design are skills required by design studios. These workshops will provide a structured learning path to understand such complex tools.

Dates: (12 hrs of LIVE class: 6 hrs per day with a 1-hr break)

Ad Parametric Texture:

May, Sat 18-Sun 19
June, Sat 29-Sun 30
July, Sat 27-Sun 28

Computational Design Workshop:

May, Sat 25-Sun 26
July, Sat 6-Sun 7

Grasshopper Masterclass:

June, Sat 22-Sun 23
July, Sat 13-Sun 14

Rhinoceros Masterclass:

June, Sat 15-Sun 16
July, Sat 20-Sun 21

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