Tuesday, May 28, 2024

FTWkit The Footwear Kit for Rhino

Design better shoes, faster

FTWkit has combined the benefits of a unified software platform like Rhino with the specialized tools needed for the footwear industry. 

This integration optimizes the entire footwear development process from 2D and 3D design to engineering and product pipeline management, including cost and material management.

With Jevero and Botcha, two FTWkit plugins, you can streamline your workflow, shorten the time to market, and reduce the complexity of managing multiple software programs without sacrificing the specific tools necessary for 2D and 3D shoe modeling and engineering.

  • Jevero is a 2D footwear pattern engineering plugin for Rhinoceros. It allows you to create and modify patterns easily and efficiently, seamlessly integrating with Rhino and adding powerful parametric tools for smooth pattern development. Jevero supports all major file extensions on the market, including Crispin Engineer .shoe and .pat files, ensuring a quicker transition and support for your legacy files. 

  • Botcha simplifies 3D footwear modeling, enabling users to model in 2D and remap in 3D with a vast array of efficient tools that make every designer’s life easier. With Botcha and Rhino, you can quickly create digital uppers, parametrically edit each part, and apply textures to the model. Flatten any object, apply texture and remapping, and easily create lacing and stitching. These features allow you to achieve stunning results to help sell your projects and products.

To know more about it, visit FTWkit.com

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