Wednesday, September 30, 2020

AR/VR for Rhino & Grasshopper User Group Meeting - October 8 at 7:30 PM CEST

Image courtesy of Heatherwick Studio

Join Simply Rhino UK, Heatherwick Studio and Epic Games for the next AR/VR for Rhino & Grasshopper UGM (October 8 at 7:30 PM CEST).

Heatherwick Studio has been working with game engines as part of their design workflow for years now and has developed custom design workflow and techniques that enable these processes. Silvia Rueda will provide insight into Heatherwick Studio’s use of Immersive Media, focusing on the role of landscape design and the use of Unreal within its design process and workflow.

David Weir-McCall will look at the many ways that people are utilizing the power of the Unreal Engine in the AEC to go beyond visualizations to help bridge the gap between ideas and reality. Looking at use-cases in the industry, explore the different integrated workflows with Rhino and Grasshopper and how they are being used to communicate ideas, design and build in real time, and link up to sensors to create fully functioning digital twins.

After the presentations, there will be a Q&A with the presenters.

Our presenters are:
  • Silvia Rueda | Heatherwick Studio – Designer / Immersive media specialist
  • Pablo Zamorano | Heatherwick Studio – Head of Geometry and Computational Design
  • David Weir-McCall | Epic Games – Epic Games Enterprise team

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