Monday, September 14, 2020

The food4Rhino webinar series: Pangolin (Steel Structural Modeling) - Thursday 17th September at 3 PM CEST

Introducing Pangolin for detailed steel structural modeling and analysis with Consteel

Bálint Harmat (Software Engineer) and Dr. József Szalai (CEO) will introduce Pangolin, which brings Consteel’s unique steel analysis and design capabilities to the Grasshopper ecosystem. 

With Pangolin you can model your whole structural steel model with such fine details such as eccentric link elements, dynamically created cold-formed sections with stiffeners, haunched I or H beams, load transfer surfaces, linearly changing surface loads, and more. In Consteel you can analyze the created models accurately considering such details, as the lateral restraint effect of purlins placed on top of beams with link elements, or the effects of stiffeners on cold-formed sections according to Eurocode standards. 

Date: Thursday 17th September at 3 PM CEST

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