Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Additive Stereotomy

Additive Stereotomy is a proposal by Maurizio Barberio and Micaela Colella of Barberio Colella ARC, developed with the support of Diederik Veenendaal of Summum Engineering.

The overall concept is to cover a large, open space by a series of adjacent arches. Under permanent load, the arches are thought to be statically independent to form a sort of false vault. By using Grasshopper, Summum Engineering determined the shape of the arches and volume fraction of the voussoirs to achieve constant stress, as well as the amount of prestress to keep them in compression under external load. Material properties are based on the 3D printing technology provided by Concr3de and were used in plugin Karamba3d to check the arches for several load combinations. Each voussoir is topologically optimized in 2D to achieve a volume fraction specific to its position in the arch, to achieve constant stress, yet with a visually similar sizing.


Osuire said...

Polymers ! Concrete !
Yayyy !
Isn't it time to go back to natural, renewable materials ?
I'm all for the engineering / additive / CNC aspect, but please stop using those filthy polluting, un-sustainable materials.

Maurizio Barberio said...

@Osuire: Thanks for your comment. Anyway, it's not written that we want to use concrete or polymers but 3D printed sandstone though binder jetting AM technique. The "sand" used for the 3D printing process is recovered by using wasted material from stone processing that uses subtractive fabrication processes. I think it is more sustainable than using concrete.

Please, check this link to read more about the project: