Thursday, May 7, 2020

xNURBS Rhino plugin V4 released

Edit and rebuild a xNURBS surface.

Now available: xNURBS Version 4. Existing xNURBS customers get a free update to V4.X. Version 4 includes many enhancements, such as producing better surfacing quality, editing an xNURBS surface, and achieving smaller tangent deviation (less than 0.04 degree), etc. 

Why xNURBS? Key features are:
  • Unlimited capacities for solving NURBS: Its optimization algorithm can solve virtually any NURBS surface in a matter of milliseconds (regardless of how complex the constraints are).

  • High-quality surfaces. For a given set of constraints, xNURBS’ optimization algorithm uses an energy-minimization method to generate the smoothest NURBS surface among all possible solutions. The generated surface quality is outstanding.

  • xNURBS is one super powerful NURBS tool that fixes virtually all surfacing issues for existing CAD software.

  • Easy-to-use. It uses one simple UI for all kinds of NURBS modeling.

  • Super robust. xNURBS is rock solid and works flawlessly.

  • Native CAD surfaces. xNURBS is based on NURBS, i.e., the native CAD surfaces, which can be directly used for any CAD modeling operations without any geometry translation.

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