Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Rhino3DMedical: Grasshopper components released

Rhino3DMedical provides a fast way to create 3D printable models directly from medical images.

Streamline your workflow to create 3D printable medical models. Benefit from the advantage of using Rhino3DMedical, the all-in-one software solution for medical image analysis, image segmentation, mesh creation, mesh repairing, and CAD modeling. Exploit the advanced Rhino tools for measuring, drawing, and annotation, its powerful rendering engine, scripting, and automation features.

The new release also includes novel Grasshopper components to read, analyze, and process 3D medical images, as well as integrated Python scripting. With the Rhino3DMedical Grasshopper components, you can batch process large data sets and automate repeatable processes in your workflow. 

Directly read the DICOM, NIFTI, or any other standard medical image format into Rhino3DMedical and unlock substantial time savings by optimizing your medical 3D printing process.

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