Thursday, September 26, 2019

Hiking in Norwegian Arctic? Hammerfest has a warming hut for you

In 2015, the Norwegian Trekking Association, to encourage hiking around Hammerfest, proposed to build two warming huts in the surrounding mountains. They called for a straightforward structure with a working wood-burning stove, a view of the surrounding landscape, and simple benches. The two huts needed to blend in with the rugged setting and endure the harsh mountainous weather. 

Norwegian-based SPINN Arkitekter and Britain’s Format Engineers responded with a cross-laminated timber shell with exterior Kebony panels.

How did they provide a design to meet all these criteria? First, to get a detailed surface map to be used as a baseline for form-finding, the two sites were mapped in 3D with a drone and photogrammetry software. This territorial information was then plugged into Rhino, Kangaroo, and Grasshopper. 

The first hut was constructed like a puzzle and transferred to its site at Storfjellet. The second cabin will be built on Tyven, a mountain on the other side of Hammerfest, across from each other in the beautiful northern landscape.

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