Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Surfboards in York, Maine?

Yes, surfboards in York, Maine. And yes, Maine has sandy beaches and consistent rolling waves. And the wetsuits help.

Grain Surfboards has combined tech and handcrafting to produce a high-end surfboard. They've derived an approach from both the subtractive process of board-shaping in California and the boat-building techniques of New England.

It's a light and hollow, strong and beautiful warm-hued wooden surfboard.

Often, Grain Surfboards collaborates with foam board shapers to build their product in Grain's signature wooden construction. To do this, they need to replicate the precise shape of the existing boards.

So, reverse engineering is part of their business. Formerly, this was done with hand-drawn sketches, and it was time-consuming and challenging. They now use DotProduct handheld 3D scanners for this, working out a good workflow from the scan data to Rhino. The meshed data is converted to a NURBS surface within Rhino.

Learn about the company's start and learn a little history of surfboard making while you are at it: Bloomberg article and video.

Or you can go to Maine and build your own surfboard: YouTube WMUR NH Chronicle.

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