Friday, December 7, 2018

Next DesignMorphine Grasshopper workshops in Beirut and Vienna

DesignMorphine announced its new workshops in Beirut and Vienna:
  • January 23-27, 2019, in Beirut: Vertical Variables V3.0 Workshop by DesignMorphine 

    Vertical Variables V3.0 will focus on the applications of parametric modeling techniques in towers and skyscrapers in collaboration with
    Designkultur. The participants will be guided in developing skills on computational design and parametric strategies which will lead to form finding and optimization through various parameters. The workshop aims to provide participants with the new paradigm of architecture and urban design processes.

    With this approach designers and architects overcome the imposition of a prefixed form and thus discover and create more compelling and enhanced designs. Through algorithms, participants will discover the benefits of variable connected systems to create mass customization processes to create architecture. The workshop goal is for the participants to have a final result – a skyscraper design in Beirut.

  • February 20-23 in Vienna: Algorithmic Accessories V4.0 Workshop by DesignMorphine

    Fabrication with 21st-century machinery is increasingly becoming a vital skill for those working in all branches of design, from architecture to furniture to fashion. Some require large apparatus and some only a small-scale 3D printer.

    By learning how to design and how to build in the micro world, one can understand the basics of digital fabrication. So, the Algorithmic Accessories V4.0 Workshop is not only for jewelry designers but for all who are interested in pairing computational design with real-life, buildable strategies.

    Jewelry designing is an ancient technique that has required careful crafting and state-of-the-art machines. However, the current skill of craftsmen lies not in the ability to handle a tool, but in understanding it. By comprehending the 3D printing language and its particularities, one can develop an entirely new language of expression.

    During the workshop, you will create modeling and fabrication strategies for one of the smallest elements used to embellish the human body - the ring. The challenge will be to design something that is printable that takes into consideration the logic of the machine and that, of course, is aesthetically relevant in the current design paradigm.

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