Sunday, September 9, 2018

RhinoLink for Wolfram Language

RhinoLink is a prototype Wolfram Language paclet that provides a two-way communication link between McNeel and Associates' Rhino and Mathematica or Wolfram Desktop.

With RhinoLink you can:
  • Script Rhino with Wolfram Language code
  • Create Grasshopper components that encapsulate Wolfram Language code
  • Control Rhino content with Wolfram Language interfaces
  • Source Rhino geometry from Mathematica
  • Include Wolfram Language code directly in Grasshopper structures
  • Use Rhino as a geometry server from Wolfram Language

RhinoLink currently supports Rhino 6 for Windows and Mathematica versions 11.0+.

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Unknown said...

This is the biggest paradigm shift of my life thus far