Saturday, September 15, 2018

ACADIA 2018 Mexico City, October 18-20

October 18-20, 2018 | Universidad Iberoamericana | Mexico City

ACADIA 2018 Mexico City aims to recalibrate the discourse of computational design research. Mexico has a rich and varied design culture which brings to mind names like Barragan, Candela, Legorreta, Goeritz, and Pani. This conference provides a platform for experimentation in imprecision and the breaking of the norms that define fidelity within contemporary architectural research and practice. More...

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Various workshops will be held in conjunction with the conference. Details, workshop descriptions, and registration information are here.

About ACADIA...
ACADIA was formed to facilitate communication and critical thinking on the use of computers in architecture, planning, and building science. The organization is committed to the research and development of computational methods that enhance design creativity, rather than just production. A particular focus is education and the software, hardware, and pedagogy involved in education. Please visit the main ACADIA website for more information.

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