Tuesday, September 25, 2018

NYC Workshop - Rhino technology in the cloud and beyond

Our team at McNeel is conducting an exciting workshop for developers. We will be introducing Rhino.Inside™ technology to embed Rhino and Grasshopper technology inside other applications and web services. We also will be exploring the stateless REST API provided by Rhino Compute, the cloud-based geometry service.

A hackathon follows the workshop where you can explore all the new ways to access Rhino technology. Listen to the experts and engage in the discussion!

If you need robust geometry access in your development projects, this is the workshop for you.

Where: Core Studio's AEC Tech 2018, New York City
Presenter: Dale Fugier, Rhino developer support lead
When: Thursday, October 25

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Unknown said...

Hi guys, are you planning to make a live webinar or do it again in Europa?