Friday, February 23, 2018

RhinoCAM 2018 for Rhino 6 released

MecSoft Corporation announced the release of their RhinoCAM 2018 for Rhino 6. 

You can now choose RhinoCAM 2018 to either run inside Rhino 5 or the newly released Rhino 6. Each of these versions of RhinoCAM 2018 is a separate product that can be bought and licensed individually. Or, you can purchase a bridge license that will run both versions.

“Rhino 6 from McNeel & Associates is one of the most anticipated version upgrades to this popular CAD and design modeling platform to date. As their longtime partner, MecSoft is proud to announce that our latest CAM plugin RhinoCAM 2018 now runs inside Rhino 6.0,” stated Joe Anand, President and CEO of MecSoft Corporation.

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