Thursday, February 8, 2018

Innochain Second Year Colloquium and Lectures in Barcelona

Innochain Second Year Colloquium and Lectures

Barcelona, February 12-14, 2018

The InnoChain Second Year Colloquium, which will take place February 12-14, 2018, is an evaluation event in which all Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) present their research development. 

The InnoChain ITN Network is a shared research training environment examining how advances in digital design tools challenge building culture enabling sustainable, informed and materially smart design solutions. The network aims to train a new generation of interdisciplinary researchers through the development of 15 PhDs, with a strong industry focus that can effect real changes in the way we think, design and build our physical environment.

McNeel Europe is one of the industrial partners of Innochain, supporting the PhD students with the development of state of the art software.

The Second Year Colloquium invites all beneficiaries and industry partners to discuss the research development of the ESR projects in a plenum. 

Keynote speakers will give lectures to support the further research development and invited scientists will evaluate the level of work and progress within the network. In addition, the Industry Partner Board meetings take place on the second day, while meetings of the Steering Committee and ESRs’ take place on the third day.

The Colloquium is organized around three sessions presenting the three Work Packages:

WP3 Communicating Design, Chair Jan Knippers, ITKE
WP4 Simulating for Design, Chair Ulrika Knagenhielm-Karlsson, KTH
WP5 Materialising Design, Chair Bob Sheil, BSA

Visiting Scientists: Mark Burry and Jane Burry (Swinburne University); Christoph Gengnagel (Berlin University of the Arts).

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