Thursday, June 15, 2017

New! Flux app for Rhino!

Flux for Rhino is now available! 

Flux is used worldwide to enable collaboration between team members, using their preferred AEC software packages.

Install the new Flux for Rhino app to take advantage of:
  • Bidirectional sharing of models across platforms using Flux connector apps such as Rhino to Revit and others.
  • Use Flux for Rhino and the Flux Site Extractor app to import topography, roads, and buildings directly into Rhino in seconds.
  • Send geometry to the Flux Data Explorer app to view and share online via a public link.
  • Directly receive geometry into Rhino from Flux for Revit.
Flux supports a variety of Rhino geometry types including: points, NURBS curves and surfaces, and .3dm format breps. Check the detailed Flux Rhino App documentation page for a complete list of supported geometry.

This short YouTube video shows how to set up your first live Rhino to Rhino connection. Extend this workflow to two or more Rhino users anywhere in the world.

Flux has a growing variety of connector and productivity apps to help you build new workflows. Flux is eager to see how you use the new Rhino App so please let them know here or via their social media accounts on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook.

To get started:
Sign up for a free webinar on July 12th or 26th. 

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