Wednesday, April 12, 2017

MecSoft releases Rhino3DPRINT and Visual3DPRINT 2017

MecSoft Corp. announced Rhino3DPRINT and Visual3DPRINT 2017, the latest versions of their 3D printing solutions for Rhino and VisualCAD.

The 2017 release is a maintenance release with significant memory use improvements and performance enhancements. Also, this release fixes many of the bugs reported by customers and detected by internal testing.

Important features and capabilities of these 3D printing products:
  • Create meshes from raw point clouds
  • Stitch meshes to make them watertight and amenable to 3D printing
  • Perform Boolean set operations on mesh geometry
  • Decimate and smooth meshes for better 3D printing
  • Create support geometry for holding up overhangs when printing
  • Optimize the orientation of mesh geometry in the print volume
  • Create nozzle paths and corresponding G-code for FDM/SLA printers
More information or download a free demo of Rhino3DPRINT or Visual3DPRINT ....

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