Tuesday, April 25, 2017

AA Visiting School UK - Band-Saw Manoeuvres, Hooke Park Campus, Dorset (UK)

(Robotic Fabrication Workshop Series)
July 28-August 6, 2017
AA Hooke Park Campus, Dorset (UK)

The Architectural Association is holding its second Robotic Fabrications Workshop, Band-Saw Manoeuvres, at its Hooke Park campus. The workshop series Robotic Fabrications, to be held every year, explores robotic manufacturing for architectural elements. The main ambition is to provide an in-depth exploration of fabrication methods and technologies.

"Merging expert knowledge of timber construction with cutting-edge robotic fabrication technologies we will explore the creative potential of prototyping complex and large-scale timber structures with digital tools resulting in the construction of a roof structure for the temporary foundry building for the Hooke Park Campus.

Our weapons of choice- the chainsaw and bandsaw- will gain an augmented level of precision and control when wielded by the large Kuka KR150 robot. Through rigorous physical testing, we will prototype connection details utilizing the extraordinary precision and flexibility of multi-axis robotic machining.

We will investigate the ancient craft and traditions of Japanese joinery to inform our Robotic Choreographies. These principles will undergo a digital interpretation - and whilst preserving the poetry, ritual and sensitivity, get translated into a highly choreographed movement pattern or toolpath for the robot and end-effector."

During the course, Rhinoceros will be used for design development. Additionally, KUKA/prc and in-house developed plugins on the Grasshopper platform will be used for robotic fabrication.

The deadline for applications is July 20, 2017.

Program Head:
Emmanuel Vercruysse
Course Tutors:
Pradeep Devadass
Zachary Mollica

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The main ambition is to provide an in depth exploration of fabrication methods and technologies.