Thursday, April 27, 2017

How is a greeting card like shipbuilding?

Two shipbuilding degrees, a little inspiration and creativity, Rhino, and a laser printer: Lovepop cards! These intricate 3D pop-up greeting cards have an interesting history.

Best friends and founders Wombi Rose and John Wise studied together at Webb Institute. After college, they went their separate ways but met up again at Harvard Business School. On a graduate school trip to Vietnam they discovered a variation of origami, slices of paper measured and cut to a specific size, then assembled into a 3D sculpture.

Inspired, the two applied their shipbuilding skills in miniature and created Lovepop.

Each Lovepop card folds flat with a 2D picture on the front. On the inside is a 3D sculpture, which pops out of the card.

The card designs are entered in to Rhino. Prototypes are created, the card sculptures are laser cut, then assembled by hand.

Lovepop's business exploded when Rose and Wise landed a spot on ABC's Shark Tank. See the Shark Tank follow-up episode.

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