Thursday, December 8, 2016

Rendering with KeyShot 6 and Rhino for Windows - Video by Simply Rhino UK

Simply Rhino UK has just published "Rendering with KeyShot 6 and Rhino for Windows - An Introduction". In this video tutorial Simply Rhino senior instructor Phil Cook introduces KeyShot for Rhino and runs through some basic renderings of a watch.

The starting point for the exercise is a Rhino model of a wrist watch. All the components are modeled as watertight solids and the component sets are on individual layers. For example, the hour, minute, and second hands are separated, as are the painted areas of the hands which will be rendered in a different material. By default, KeyShot applies materials on a per layer basis.

If you are a Rhino for Mac user, keep checking this page, since Simply Rhino UK will be producing a KeyShot for Rhino for Mac tutorial soon.

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