Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Design Explorer, an evolving open source design tool

Are you baffled with the many iterations that Grasshopper provides? Which ones are the good ones? Let Design Explorer help. Design Explorer is an interface that lets you visualize and filter groups of iterations.

CORE studio has been working on their Design Explorer, this open source tool for exploring design spaces on the web, for over a year. Now they recently posted a few blog posts explaining is history, goals, and functions. They follow up with a few examples of how Thornton Tomasetti and others are using Design Explorer in practice.

The first post introduces Design Explorer. The second post concentrates on its history and highlights a few projects within the AEC technology community. The third post focuses on how the tool is currently is used in practice by architects, engineers, and designers. Check them out...

Post 1: Announcement
Post 2: Natural History
Post 3: Use Cases

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