Friday, December 2, 2016

How to use VR in your design process

How can augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) be useful in a design practice? What is its potential? What are the problems? At the NewSchool of Architecture and Design's Symposium on Computational Processes in Architecture and Design, Casey Mahon, Director of Design Technology at Carrier Johnson + Culture, discussed this. He focused on the way we use immersive environments and gestural controls in their practice.

In immersive environments, we can inhabit our designs at true scale with Oculus headsets, a phone, and other tools.  We can create, iterate, and evaluate the space through the headset. We can walk through the project. The platforms let designers visualize 3D spatial conditions virtually, at full scale.

Casey also demonstrates mapping geometry and interaction with hand gestures using Grasshopper.

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Göktürk said...

2 or 3 years ago I sent an email to McNeel for this technology. I believe designing with VR , will shorten the period of time we spent for mockups & prototypes.
I work in a luxury motor yacht and sailing boat company and I can't even imagine to take the customer to a walk in her/his future boat , with the materials applied. Also deliver the changes they ask for immediately.