Monday, October 24, 2016

New book: Advancing Wood Architecture - A Computational Approach

Advancing Wood Architecture
A Computational Approach
Achim Menges, Tobias Schwinn, Oliver David Krieg

In light of the environmental challenges architecture is facing, wood is no longer regarded as outmoded, nostalgic, and rooted in the past, but is increasingly recognized as one of the most promising building materials for the future. Recent years have seen unprecedented innovation of new technologies for advancing wood architecture.

Advancing Wood Architecture offers a comprehensive overview of the new architectural possibilities enabled by cutting-edge computational technologies in wood construction. It provides both an overarching architectural understanding and in-depth technological information through built projects and the works of four leading design research groups in Europe. The projects presented include large scale, permanent buildings such as the ETH Arch-Tec-Lab Building in Zurich, the Landesgartenschau Exhibition Hall near Stuttgart and the Boiler House in Hooke Park, UK, as well as built research prototypes investigating additive robotic fabrication and folded plate structures. Almost all of the projects' authors have used Rhino and Grasshopper throughout the whole process.

Illustrated in full color, the book showcases the latest technological developments in design computation, simulation, and digital fabrication together with an architectural, engineering, and manufacturing perspective. It offers an outlook toward novel spatial and constructional opportunities of a material with unrivaled ecological virtues.

Routledge is happy to provide a web discount on the paperback edition for Rhino blog readers. The discount code is AWA230 (valid until 31-May-2017) and entitles you to order the book with a 20% discount (£27.99 instead of £34.99).

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