Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Performance Network Workshop Series

The team at Performance Network has been busy. They've posted their new fall schedule of workshops.  No need to travel. All workshops are being offered online. Sign up today!

Honeybee THERM + Window Workshop
Honeybee THERM + Windows Part 2
Making Your Own Python Components
AEC Software Development 101 (including add-ons for Grasshopper)

Grasshopper Pro Series - Data Management & Collaboration
Grasshopper Pro Series - Data Trees Master Class

Grasshopper Pro Series - Smart Interfacing with Rhino | Intro to Human
Grasshopper Pro Series - Intro to Grasshopper with C#
Grasshopper Pro Series - Automated Diagramming

About Performance Network...
Performance Network was created to make performance training affordable and accessible for everyone.

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