Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Sandy Hook Elementary - recovering and rebuilding

Four years ago, December 2012, Sandy Hook Elementary was reeling from a shooting that killed 20 children and 8 adults. This week, Sandy Hook Elementary School reopened with a sunlit, cheerful, new school -- a school with security subtly built in the design.

The new school design is by Svigals + Partners, a New Haven-based architectural firm.

The architect referred to Sandy Hook's rolling landscape with a sinuous roofline and two-toned hardwood cladding in the building facade. Doug Lovegren of Svigals + Partners commented,  "We did use Rhino to help us design the front wall which is curved and has a wavy top. We were having trouble playing with that form in Revit so we took it out to Rhino. We also used that to help us create our flattened elevations for that same wall."

For more details on achieving security in a beautiful environment, see the FastCo article....

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