Saturday, August 6, 2016

Iris - WebGL Exporter, new version

Iris is a free Work In Progress file export plugin for Rhino 5 x64 for Windows, Rhino 5.1 for Mac OS X, and Rhino WIP (Windows and OS X). Iris generates a JSON document that is parsable and viewable through WebGL in a modern web browser. The objectives for the plugin include:

  • A fast and easy way for Rhino users to distribute their designs with the least amount of dependencies possible.
  • Conversion of as many Rhino Object Types and Features as possible in a static scene.

Many changes happened under the hood to decouple the Iris Web Application Logic from the UI logic. This will make it easier to develop alternative UIs if you are so inclined. In the future a few different example UIs will show how it can be done.

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