Friday, February 12, 2016

Tensile fabric structures at Google

SEFAR Architecture TENERA Fabric

Google Tech Corners in Sunnyvale, CA, needed shade for the central plaza of Google's recent campus expansion. With the help of MPanel in Rhino a design of several hundred triangles fitted on a large curved steel trellis was worked out. The project required nine distinct triangle shapes of TENARA Fabric to fit within the steel geometry. Each triangle had to be within 1.5 inches of the connector hubs when fully tensioned.

MPanel incorporates a set of design tools in an interface to assist tensile fabric structure designers. MPanel works as a floating toolbar inside Rhino 4 or 5. With MPanel you can manipulate your CAD drawing, from the initial relaxation of a mesh to the final production panels that are sent to your plotter or cutter.

Architect: Valerio Dewalt Train Associates
Engineer: Thornton Tomasetti
Installer: Duvall Design Inc.

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