Saturday, February 6, 2016

AA Visiting School: LA Experiential, July 2016

Escape Velocity. Image credit: Matt Silverman

Poetic Kinetics
21-30 July 2016

Los Angeles is the world’s entertainment capital. Year-round music festivals provide a constant testing ground for creators and innovators to premiere installations.

Los Angeles Visiting School will integrate technology, engineering, and architecture replicating the environment in which architecture and entertainment work together to create unique experiences.

Inspired by the fast-paced entertainment industry, the AA Visiting School will ask students to design a kinetic structure for a festival of their choosing. Poetic Kinetics will share their expertise in generating large-scale kinetic structures from design to build to delivery.

The Visiting School will have two stages: The design stage and the construction stage. In the second stage, the students will take part in the construction of the design selected by a jury.

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