Monday, September 28, 2015

Refugees Welcome House

Check the latest project by Dimitry Demin, Refugees Welcome House, done in Rhino and Grasshopper:

"For whatever reasons people may seek refuge in Central Europe, it is our task and responsibility to face these challenges. This also includes the question of adequately accommodating the new arrivals shortly before winter comes. We feel convicted to make a substantial contribution to answering these questions with an aesthetically sophisticated, technologically advanced and economical solution.

It seems obvious that integrating people seeking asylum into society from the first day on is preferable to seclusion, since these people literally went through hell to get there. And regardless of how we will admit them, most of them are going to begin a new life here with us. It is left to policy makers to create a system for integration, but as members of a global society, we are all called upon to contribute and act.

Our proposal within the scope of architecture is to provide buildings, which are temporary, modular, cost-effective and quick to assemble, yet can be built in individual configurations. In the cooperative field between architecture and industry the experiences and technologies to implement such concepts exist already. Computational methods can be applied to solve and control the technical requirements of components and to develop strategies, making buildings more adaptable and resource-efficient."

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